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Jo Malone

Jo Malone

Cologne For HerOut of Stock
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Gift set contains 30ml English Oak & Hazelnut Cologne + 30ml English Oak & Redcurrant Cologne

English Oak & Hazelnut – Filled with the whimsy of an enchanted forest, Jo Malone London English Oak and Hazelnut Cologne embodies the rustling of a dimly lit woodland grove. Crunchy Green Hazelnut adds notes of freshness that sparkle like morning dew with a warm nutty undercurrent. Mossy tree trunks and crisp foliage emerge with Cedarwood at the cologne’s heart and Roasted Oak deepens into a dark hollow. Earthy and enticing, this is a fragrance that leaves a lingering memory settled firmly on your skin.

English Oak & Redcurrant – Evocative of the forest at dawn Jo Malone London’s English Oak & Redcurrant Cologne is bright, embracing and bewitching. The composition opens with the juicy bite of redcurrant followed by the zest of green mandarin. While in the heart, rose combines with the softness of white musk before ending on a base of roasted oak