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Icon Absolute

Eau de Parfum Spray For HimOut of Stock
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Gift Set contains 100ml Eau De Parfum Spray, 90ml  Shower Gel, 90ml Aftershave Balm & Toiletry Bag

Dunhill Icon Absolute introduces a new olfactive chapter – the first oud signature in the world of Dunhill. Icon absolute is a bold and luxurious fragrance. The famed Sicilian bergamot opens in duet with the familiar spicy notes of black pepper; this gives way to a delightfully soothing trio of citrus, wood and floral elements. A touch of cardamom helps complete the introduction and brings the first act together with a fragrant aplomb. The heart ensues with surprising hints of rich and earthy saffron combined with the velvety opulence of black rose and Egyptian jasmine to create a sensory celebration. As a parting note, the essence of masculinity continues with the musky embrace of the rare and smoky burning oud, a first for Dunhill. Combined with the sensual facets of tobacco leaves and Tuscan leather, the scent trails with a warm aura of bittersweet woodiness.